Aquatic Entertainment

Aqua Firm & Fit is composed of highly qualified aquatic specialists, including accomplished competitive synchronized swimmers. We provide spectacular poolside entertainment in a variety of ways.

Swimming Water Show

Synchronized swimmers perform dynamic choreographed routines to exciting music in chic costuming, wowing the guests of poolside parties.

Mermaid Show

AquaFirm & Fit’s accomplished athletes frequently turn into beautiful mermaids to entertain poolside with a choreographed routine to music in fantastical costuming.

Mermaids Swimming
& Modeling

Mermaids swim freely through your pool and model on your pool steps and edge, setting a mystical mood.

Children's Mermaid/
Under the Sea Parties

AFF’s aquatic specialist and professional synchronized swimmers combine forces to create an amazing party experience for children. Little party goers are taught to swim in the mono fin and mermaid tail under the safe and close supervision of water safety instructors and their own personal guest mermaid. In addition to teaching the little fishies to swim like mermaid, the “Mer-coaches” and mermaids lead games and read stories, creating a magical under the sea encounter.