Lights... Camera... Swim!

In New York City, their dancers are known for synchronized
high kicks with grace and precision. In Vegas, the beautiful
long legged ladies entertain with feathers and sparkle.
But here in Miami, our showgirls synchronize and
sparkle in the water, like the stars of our tropical nights


The Dolphinettes of Miami are a professional synchronized swimming water show group, based in Miami, Florida and part of Aqua Firm and Fit, Inc. The Dolphinettes founder and owner, Genie Matherne, has over 40 years of experience training and coaching competitive synchronized swimming, including nationally ranked athletes, and producing water shows for entertainment. The performers are nationally and internationally accomplished athletes from all over the globe. Beyond the many stunning live events the Dolphinettes perform year around, all over the world, they also have an impressive resume which includes movies, commercials, and television shows. For any special event or addition to your entertainment project, Miami’s showgirls, the Dolphinettes of Miami, are the perfect addition.


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