Water Wellness

The water is an amazing place to improve overall health while reducing stress on joints and muscles that accompany other fitness activities. It is simply the safest place to exercise and can provide every level of wanted activity. Through aquatic exercise, you can work on all components of physical fitness (cardiovascular, muscle strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.

Turn Your Pool Into a Gym

 A highly experienced aquatic specialist comes to your personal pool, equipped with a vast array of exercise equipment, for a set number of sessions. Through the process, the specialist teaches clients to access the benefits of water exercise by learning about hydro-dynamics and implementing those skills during their workouts. Clients are provided the opportunity to use several types of equipment to identify what is best for their “home pool gym.”

Private Aquatic
Exercise Therapy

An aquatic exercise therapist comes to your home pool to provide the healing benefits of movement in the water. Therapists are able to work closely with clients, doctors and physical therapists to develop the best water exercise plan.

Private Aquatic
Fitness Training

Private personal training is provided in your own home pool.